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Sikalastic Waterproofing for New Homes

Sikalastic by Tego

Direct application to single-ply liquid applied membranes provide a cost-effective and long term waterproofing solution for new plywood applications. Compared to traditional roofing membranes, Sikalastic systems take less time to install while creating a more cost effective and versatile waterproofing system.

Discover our new MTC Technology
Our new MTC Technology for Moisture-Triggered Chemistry incorporates a
unique technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture
to trigger the curing process. This means the waterproofing membranes
are capable of curing under a wide range of conditions including extreme
temperature ranges and humidity variations.

SikalasticĀ® RoofPro Systems are supported by a team of experienced Sika representatives and technicians, capable of providing costeffective solutions for a wide range of application conditions. Do not hesitate to consult Sika Canada for any questions. Depending on system configuration, SikalasticĀ® RoofPro systems are available with 10, 15, 20 and 25 year guarantees. Systems under guarantee require project registration. Please contact your local Sika Technical Sales Representative for more details.